Man Behind the Masses

massesToday, I stopped to look at how society is ran today. I noticed common ground in every person I have encountered from day to day. Everyone has this drive to be greater today than they were yesterday. Typically, the first question I ask people is “What are your goals in life,” although, many of them don’t have a direct answer that they can immediately relay, within the first thirty minutes of talking to someone you can recognize what a person is all about. I started paying attention to the people who are successfully leading large organizations ,and are happy with the direction their life is going in (that’s huge because many people aren’t content with where they are or where they are headed) . A lot of people, although passionate, aren’t moving toward those desires.  Why? Honestly, it’s due to the doubts ingrained in their hearts and minds from an early age. So, what makes CEO’s and successful leaders so different, Or “successful,” for that matter?

When you meet someone, who resonates a feeling of motivation within you, a thought is provoked. “Wow, this guy is going places in life,” THAT, is a feeling we should be bringing out in everyone we meet, but why don’t we? The answer is, that those people wake up in the morning asking themselves “What can I do better today that I didn’t do yesterday? How can I grow? How do I reach my GOALS?” Yes, they have goals, and with those goals come a plan! Leaders will often have goals written down, whether in a book, or on a board, that they are looking at every single day. They have a motivation, and a passion for what they are doing. They don’t see where they are  now as “Well, I have to do this to survive, or this is such a burden,” but they look at it like “I will do this with excellence, because this is a spring board into the direction I am headed.” Time, she stops for no man, no matter how patient you are or how slowly you want her to go. See the now, as preparation for not only tomorrow, but for all your days to come. The mind-set is a simple shift in thinking, so what’s the action behind the mind?

Great leaders who have risen to the top and those who are just starting out all have a common trend in their actions.There’s a secret! Are you ready? DON’T MISS THIS! “Genuinely caring for people around them.” That’s it, you ask? Well, when is the last time you looked around at everyone and just asked yourself “What can I do for them,” without actually expecting anything in return? Although, this secret isn’t unleashing Pandora’s box into society, it is an overlooked quality. When you think about who is around you, serving the purpose that other people desire in their lives, and start pouring into their vision without any selfish intent at all, that’s when people will gravitating toward YOUR vision. You will begin to build a team, complimenting one another on your journey toward a common mission. Serving others will build your character, and quickly builds your relationship with people. Actions speak louder than words.

I could write about this all day, however, the last and most important thing I want to talk about is, ” Being present in the now.” I know what you’re thinking “That’s absurd, if I am around, I am present.” FALSE! There have been times where I am there, but I would have a negative attitude or I didn’t see the value in what I was doing. People won’t follow you if you display inconsistent character. Doing the things you don’t want to do, speaks volumes over the things you do want to do. ALWAYS ,always ,ALWAYS be present. Let me elaborate, whatever you are doing, do to the best of your capabilities, because people are watching and it’s developing character. If you can’t even do what’s right in public, what will make anyone believe you are doing what’s right when no one is looking? This also means, slowing down, and stop constantly thinking about the future. Notice, how I said “What can I do better TODAY, that I didn’t do YESTERDAY?” I didn’t say “What can I do TOMORROW, that I didn’t do TODAY?” Mainly because you don’t know what tomorrow will have to offer, and you won’t be fully present with where you are at thinking about the destination. You will be running toward the finish line without enjoying the journey, without truly learning what today offers. Think about it like this “If you were running a race,and  the finish line kept moving before you even got there, dangling in front of your face, eventually you would get tired right?” Learn to slow down, take in what you can, and enjoy whats going around you. If you do this life will have greater purpose, people will hold greater value to you, and your talents won’t out run your character. Stop chasing the finish line people!

To my future Wife/Kids: Thank you for being so faithful to me, for enjoying the time we have now/ Thank you for being who you are, for being amazing leaders. I can’t tell you all enough how much I love every second with you, no matter how frustrating a situation may seem. Nothing is enough to push me away, I will always pour out my heart with a relentless deluge over you.

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2 thoughts on “Man Behind the Masses

  1. Life is a journey and for most people having goals to aim for is invaluable. Also I think it’s important to note that we are all learning everyday and to be mindful and in the moment will help us to value the today that we need to get us to the tomorrow we desire.

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    1. Thank you for adding value! This is true, I have HUGE goals, however, I was consumed with “success,” in the eyes of society. However, I was completely missing everyone around me. Alone, I can’t do much. Ex: if I am cleaning the yard, and build a team to help. The time required goes down significantly. That concept works with anything. Build a team that compliments your weaknesses.


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