Save The Introductions

I was going to start with introductions, but  then I started the long process of creating the domain, modifying personal details, and getting accustomed to the modification layouts. At this point, I figure the best introduction to who I am and what I have become, would simply be through story telling. Stories? Not sure that they are my strong suit “Per se,” however, for the sake of the audience (I may or may not be cultivating), there should be some basis of a story involved.

“The beginning of the upbringing,” sounds catchy? Well, I’m hoping that someone other than myself thinks so. Anyway, I am getting off topic. As a child, there were many tribulations and not enough trials (not saying my life is far more terrible than any other life and vice versa). Mom and Dad weren’t on best terms with one another. Dad was pretty much an urban ninja in reference to being an abstract idea versus a parent, while Mom on the other hand, was quite the drinker. When my mother would drink alcohol, she would become not only numb to the environment but ignorant to human emotions also. “Dustin, I would like to introduce you to ‘blah  blah blah, did not matter’ I hated any new man she introduced me to.” Mom, a woman who I will always love, yet a woman who is human like us all. I learned early that people will disappoint you in life. Now, that wasn’t a descriptive tale of my upbringing, however, that was a step in the right direction of understanding the way I process things. Like I said, that was only the “beginning,” of my upbringing. Now, I am not looking for sympathy, but I’ll reveal more as the masses begin to reveal themselves.

“Why even bother mentioning such a brief background,” you ask? Well, much like any other teenager with a heart, I began to transform into this heartless dark hole that would consume everything in its path. This lead into my adult life. I began shutting people out of my life, closing the door to my own heart, and opening doors to the hearts of others. I was seeking affection in women, steadily pursuing “love,” and constantly hurting one after another. After a while I became numb to the pain I was causing, but all at once there was a wave of overwhelming negative energy hit me. BAM!! I was under, drowning, crying out for help. My solution? DO IT SOME MORE! Not a solid solution to a problem that could potentially overcome my life. August 9th 2015 was the day my life changed forever “STOP! I cant tell you why that date is so significant yet.” It wouldn’t be a well told story if I revealed everything that had happened to me, or the solution to getting out of the life sucking vacuum that had taken hold of me right away, now would it? Don’t forget that date! Oh, beneath is a message to my future family. I’ll be writing one at the end of every post.

“To my future wife/kids: I don’t want you to experience this pain. I will always be there for you. Right now, at this very second, I know my future wife is studying hard and developing her character every day. Your future mom, is an amazing woman with such a beautiful soul. I am thankful that you will be successful, and I am thankful that I can share this with you one day. Children, I have seen crazy things. You can trust me. I love you, my future family. ”


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