Isolation to Desolation


Gods_Light_159123113_stdPicking up where I left off yesterday, a once young boy was quickly pushed to the world’s sense of “emotional maturity.” I became cold in response, and I was always seeking something from others. I always had an intent to gain something from the people around me, destroying life after life. People often died around me, I had no sense of mourning for any of them. Until, someone close to me had died right before my very eyes.

My second time as a junior in high school I came back from Guam, and was recovering from an almost detrimental depression. This depression often built up an anger inside of me. An anger as furious as a lion’s roar, and often I wanted to die. I was walking through the doors to my sister’s house with the thought “Why am I here? ” Moments later, I heard a loud thump , followed by a crash , and a vibration through the floor boards. I ran into the living room to find my brother-in-law (who is like a father to me,) collapsed on the ground struggling to gather enough air in his lungs to return his face to normal color. Adrenaline coursed through my veins quicker than a lightning bolt could strike the ground, “HARLEY, CALL 911!!” I ran faster than Usain Bolt toward Allen’s mom’s house, arriving with no oxygen in my lungs, I belted “ALLEN,” turned around back toward the other house. I get into the house and Harley immediately starts giving me instructions on what to do through the Intel she was receiving over the phone. I flipped the massive 300ilb man onto his back, and started giving him CPR. (Thirty minutes elapsed,) the paramedics finally arrived on scene, congratulating me of my heroic deeds. I felt like a super hero, my void was filled.When we arrived at the hospital we found out his brain wasn’t functioning, so had two options: could choose to pull the plug, or keep him alive.  We pulled the pluge, and from that day my sister lost the light in her eyes. I felt as if I were to blame.

After that day, I decided to become someone, I joined the national guard, and started going to school to be a surgeon. Well, on top of going to school, I was a bouncer at a bar. After drill, I got into a wreck that I should’ve died in (I’ll elaborate on that later on), needless to say I started losing focus and put all my efforts on a woman that I met in the bar. I dropped out…oops…after that relationship ended, my life was saved. Since then I have been attending school,and being surrounded with influential leaders from around the world. If I can do it, so can you! My life changed from a self-centered mess, to a others-centered treasure chest. Opportunities have opened, and character has been developed because of one reason! (Let’s continue the journey, that reason comes later.)

To my future wife/kids: Your mother is intelligent, filled with life, and never ceases to serve other people. She is a faithful woman of the household, and never quiets her goals. God has our household children, fear not, because I will lead you. Read this; know that I have endured , overcome, and grew because of God alone. My children, you will be servants of all, and you will be leaders of nations. Blessings on you, my future family.

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